Dial Up/Hang Up

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Dial Up/Hang Up


Establishes or disconnects a Windows RAS connection, also known as Dial Up Networking.  Usually this feature is used to make a connection to the Internet and then complete a task and disconnect from the Internet. For example, you can create a task to automatically connect to the Internet every morning and check e-mail.




Dial-up Connection

Select the name of the dial-up connection that you want to connect or disconnect. You create this connection in the Windows Control Panel.


How to Use the Dial-up Connection

Select one of the following options to specify the action on the connection:

Disconnect this Connection - breaks the connection to the Internet or remote network.

Establish this Connection - connects the computer to the Internet or remote network.


Connection Parameters

Enter the following optional parameters to establish a connection:




Callback Number

Number of Attempts


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