File Attributes

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File Attributes

Sometimes you need to change file attributes in file operations. As a rule, the ReadOnly attribute inconveniences most of all.  This action serves for changing of file attributes.




File or Folder name

Specify the name of a file or a folder. You can use buttons on the right of an edit field. A file mask is inadmissible; that is, the action can process only the specified file.

You can use variables.



Specify the attributes, which you want to set or to remove. This action can control 4 attributes:



Read Only


Please, notice that Checkboxes have three positions:

Switched on – this means that you want to set an attribute

Switched off – this means that you want to remove an attribute

Grayed, or intermediate state – this means that you want to leave this attribute without changing.

By default, all the checkboxes are in Grayed state.


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