Regular Expressions

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Regular Expressions

This plugin is for experts and connoisseurs of regular expressions. Regular expressions are very powerful mechanism for searching and replacing expressions in a text.

We give neither description nor syntax of regular expressions here because they would occupy a lot of space. Many books are devoted to regular expressions. Our description of them would virtually copy other sources.

If you read the book “Mastering Regular Expressions” by Jeffrey E.F. Friedl you will know everything about regular expressions (or almost everything). For quick study visit the site . The site is completely devoted to regular expressions and different dialects. You can also find short manuals on syntax of regular expressions there. For example:

You can find links to other editions on regular expressions here:

In a few words, by means of regular expressions you can seek a phrase (an expression) in a text using an expression mask. You write a mask of an expression you seek and then the engine of regular expressions will find real phrases in a text which corresponds to the mask. Search of a substring (or of a symbol combination) in a text is the simplest example of using regular expressions.



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