Running tasks simultaneously

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Running tasks simultaneously


Each task runs in the background mode independently of other tasks. You can effectively use this feature while scheduling your tasks. Suppose you need to pack several independent folders into different archive files. You can create the following task:


Pack "Folder1" into ""

Pack "Folder2" into ""

Pack "Folder3" into ""


In this case, the task will pack Folder1, Folder2 and Folder3 one by one. That is, each next folder will be processed only after the previous one is packed.


The use of background processes would be more effective. In this case you need to create three different tasks and each of them will pack the corresponding folder. In this case, the main task will look like this:


Start task "Pack folder1" without waiting

Start task "Pack folder2" without waiting

Start task "Pack folder3" without waiting


Running such a task will be the same as running three tasks "Pack folder1", "Pack folder2" and "Pack folder3". Each of these tasks will run independently of the others and the total time of packing all three files will be a bit shorter than in case with successive processing.



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