XML Create Node

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XML Create Node

XML node is a fundamental element of XML document. Every XML node can contain some value or a set of nested XML nodes. Also every node can have arbitrary number of attributes. Roughly speaking, XML document is an XML node which contains inserted nodes with information or with another inserted nodes.

That is, an XML document can contain any structured information.






The name of a node. This is an identifier of the node. It can contain Latin symbols and numbers without any whitespace or another delimiters.



This is a value of a node. Every node can contain either some value or inserted nodes.



Attributes of a node. Every identifier has the name and the value. The composition of attributes depends on purpose of a documents and defined tasks. The order of attributes does no matter. A node can be without any attributes.


Save XML to Variable

Enter the name of a variable into which created node will be saved. The node will be saved as a text in the XML format.



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