Decode from BASE64

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Decode from BASE64

Base64 encoding allows you to encode any text or file (including binary) using 64 ASCII characters. This enables you to transmit any data as text regardless of the character encoding. For example, in HTTP requests or you can embed data in the body of an email message.

A detailed description of the Base64 format can be found on Wikipedia:




Select data source:

From external file

Use this text


Save decoded data to file

This option is enabled by default because you cannot guarantee that the encoded data is not binary. Saving to a file ensures an exact match between the result and the original data.


Also, save the decoded text to a variable

If you want to save the decoded text to a variable, check this checkbox and enter the variable name.

Please note that you must be sure that the decoded data does not contain binary data. Otherwise, you may get a heavily distorted result.




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