Export SMART attributes

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Export SMART attributes

This action exports SMART attributes in the form of a CSV table.

The table contains the following fields:

Id – attribute identifier.

Id(hex) – HEX representation of the identifier.

Critical – indicator of a critical parameter.

Name – attribute name.

Value – attribute value.

Worst – worst attribute value.

Threshold – threshold value.

Raw value – raw attribute value in the form of a sequence of six bytes in HEX representation.

You can then import this data into EXCEL or analyze it in a text editor.




CSV format

Two options are proposed:

Excel – the default format. Separator – semicolon; quotes – double quotation mark; strict delimiter. This CSV format is used in MS EXCEL by default.

Standard - Separator – comma; quotes – double quotation mark; non-strict delimiter.


Save to variable

Enable this checkbox and enter the variable name.


Save to file

Enable this checkbox and enter or select the file name for saving.



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