Network Plugin settings

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Network Plugin settings


The settings of the Network plugin are related to the "Listener" triggering event and set the global parameters of the "Listener".




Listener port

Specify the port the "Listener" will listen to. The default is 5254, but it can be changed for any other available port.


To Change Listener Access Password…

To change the access password for the Listener, specify the old password and enter the new password twice. By default, the password is empty, i.e. the access is granted without a password.


Encryption Required

Select this checkbox if you want to encrypt information when it is transferred between the computers. An 128-bit asymmetric encryption key is used for that. The key is generated randomly for each session.




IP Filter

You can use this tab to configure filtering requests by IP addresses. By default, the Listener is available for all IP addresses.


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