Wait for Process Finish

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Wait for Process Finish


Pauses the task and waits until the selected process (processes) is finished. After the monitored process is finished, the task is resumed. If the specified process is not in the memory at the moment when the action is due, the task is not paused.

This action is necessary to synchronize your task with an external application. For example, you may need to wait until the packing program finishes its work before you can copy the packed file to the Backup folder.





You can either select the process from the list of processes that are currently running or type its name manually. You do not have to write the full path to the EXE file if it does not matter where this application was launched from.


If more than one matching process

If there are several running processes matching the specified one at the moment when the action is due, you can specify one of three modes


Wait for Oldest - wait until the process launched first from the matching group is finished;

Wait for Newest - wait until the process launched last from the matching group is finished;

Wait for All - wait until all matching processes are finished.



This parameter defines the timeout in seconds to wait until the process is finished. You can also specify an infinite timeout.

If the timeout is over, but the process is not finished, you can specify an action:

Raise Timeout error - this is default option

Set True or False to variable - in this case the task will continue work without error.


Assign Exit Code of Process to Variable

If you select waiting for one process (Wait for Oldest or Wait for Newest), you can assign its exit code to a user variable. A lot of console utilities (for example, packing software) can use this code to inform the application that initialed them about errors in their work.


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