Automate any combination of tasks on your computerRoboTask - the automation softwareAutomate any series of tasks on your computer!
RoboTask 6.4 is now available! A wide range of actions for working with files, internet, email, datasets, windows, and much more!

Free Trial Downloads

We invite you to download RoboTask trial version for a free 30-day evaluation. You can try all of the features to see if the software meets your needs. During the evaluation, all features are fully functional.

FREE 30-day evaluation version
version: 6.4, size: 15 MB


Additional Downloads
Name Version Size

RoboTask (ZIP)
6.4 15 MB
User Manual (PDF)
printable RoboTask User Manual, 250 pages
- 5.5 MB
BASIC Plug-in
allows to execute custom BASIC scripts
6.4 2.2 MB
Name Version Size
RoboTask Lite
Lite vs Full version
5.8 10 MB
Carbon FTP
for synchronization of local and FTP folders
1.4 0.6 MB
Carbon Folder
a fast and easy folder synchronization tool
1.3 0.7 MB

System Requirements

RoboTask is not a resource-consuming software. All you need to start RoboTask is:

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8 (x86/x64)
  • 128MB RAM and approx. 40MB of free disk space
  • 8MB of free disk space for additional plug-ins above

Note: We don't support Windows 95/NT4 and there are no versions for other platforms such as Linux, Macintosh, etc.


Latest News

Apr 15, 2015

RoboTask 6.4 has been released!
Download & Try.

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