Excel Set Cells

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Excel Set Cells

This action permits to change the cell value. This action demand the document to be opened by means of the Excel Open Document





Specify the name or the number of a document worksheet. The ordinal number begins from 1.


List of Cells

The list of cells and variables. The coordinates of every cell can be specified with two ways:

In a style A1, that is an address of a column is written with letters but an address of a row is written with numbers. For example: C3, D5, BD15.

The next column after Z is the column AA, etc.

In a style R1C1. After the letter R is the number of a row beginning from 1, after the letter C is the number of a column beginning from 1.

Each cell corresponds to the expression which will be written into the cell. The expression is a string which can be written explicitly or by using of variables.


Format mode

When writing a value to an Excel Spreadsheet cell, the action can change the format of the cell

General Format (auto) - automatic default format

Do not change cell format - keep cell format unchanged

Set value as text - change the cell format to text


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