Find Pixel on Image

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Find Pixel on Image

The action finds the specified color on the image. The source image can be the area on desktop, image from clipboard or an image from file.


SCRFindPixel1 SCRFindPixel2



Source image

You can choose

From screen - you must specify coordinates of area on your desktop. Also you can select area interactively, just press "Select area from screen" button.

From clipboard - in this case system clipboard must contain an image. Otherwise the action will throw an error.

From file - the action load the image from file.


Find color

Specify the necessary color. You can specify the color as an ordinary number or in a hexadecimal look (beginning from the symbol $). The color can be selected from a palette or from any point of a screen clicking the button to the right of the edit field. The usage of variables is allowed.



Specify the necessary tolerance to compare two colors. On default, it is 16. 0 corresponds to the exactly coincidence.

255 is the maximum value. When a value is maximum the result of comparing of any two colors is TRUE.


Save TRUE or FALSE to variable

Enter the name of the variable in which you want to save the search result. TRUE if specified color is found, FALSE if not.


Save coordinates as JSON

You can store the coordinates of the first occurrence of a given color as JSON string.



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