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The action allows to take a snapshot of the whole screen (or of a part of it) and save it into a file.





Select monitor

There are two options

Use primary monitor - take a snapshot from primary monitor

Monitor number - specify the number of monitor (from 0)


Full screen

Select this option if you need to take the snapshot of a whole screen.


Screen region

Select this option if it is necessary to save the snapshot of a rectangular region of the screen.

Determine the coordinates of the region: Left, Top, Height, Width.

You can determine the coordinates of a rectangular region interactive clicking the button "Select Region on Screenshot".


Picture Format

Screenshot is a graphic image. It can be saved in the different formats:

BMP – standard Windows bitmap;

Jpeg – Joint Photographic Experts Group format;

PNG – portable network graphics format

GIF – Graphics Interchange Format


Save screenshot to file

Specify the file name into which the snapshot need to be saved.


Save screenshot to system clipboard

Turn on this checkbox if you want to save the snapshot into system clipboard



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