TXT Comma-Text Conversion

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TXT Comma-Text Conversion


This action is designed for conversion of a comma-separated string in a multiline text and vice versa.

Often data for machine processing is given as comma-separated string. At the same time a multiline text is easier for processing.

Processing of strings in the cycle (Text Loop)

Calculation of quantity of strings and extraction of a string by its number.





Source Text (string)

Specify a source text or a comma-separated string for conversion.


Conversion kind

Select one of two conversion options

Comma-Separated String ==> Multiline Text

Multiline Text ==> Comma-Separated String


CSV format

You can use more than just the standard CSV string format.




Choose Custom format if you want to use non-standard CSV. Then select delimiter and Quote char


Save Result into Variable

Input the name of the variable into which you need to save the result of the conversion.


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