IMAP Download Message

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IMAP Download Message

The action permits to download a whole message from the server and save it into a file.




Order Number of the Message

An order number of a message. This number can be got in a cycle or specified explicitly. Numbers of messages begin from number 1.


Save Message to File

Specify the name of a file into which it is necessary to save the message. On default, it is proposed a file name based on a system date and time:


Such file name enables you to avoid name clashes. Also, you get a possibility to sort files according to the receiving time.


Extract Attachments to Folder

If you want to extract attached files , switch on this checkbox and specify the folder name.


If File Already Exists

Specify a necessary action if the file already exists when saving attachments:




Save attached file names to variable as comma separated

To save the list of attached file names into a variable, switch on this checkbox and specify the name of the variable.


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