Multichoice Dialog

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Multichoice Dialog

The Multi Choice Dialog allows to switch on or off each option of the proposed set.

For example, a task collects certain information and allows to pass the information to several workers:

Send the Message to Mike;

Send the Message to administrator;

Copy Message to Boss.


The Multi Choice Dialog allows to select alternatives in any combination. The RoboTask saves the values of a choice into separate variables for each option (True or False)





Dialog Title

Specify the title for a choice menu.



The list of menu items for a choice. Each item is related to a variable into which the value of a choice of the item is saved. True or False.


Save True (OK) or False (Cancel) into Variable:

Specify the variable into which it is necessary to save the work result of dialog. If a choice is  made, the value True is saved. If not (that is, the button Cancel is pressed), the value False is saved.


Stop the task if "Cancel" pressed

Check this checkbox if you want to stop task immediately if "Cancel" pressed.


Show dialog near text cursor

If you have a text editor or input field open, it can be useful to display a selection dialog near the active text cursor. If possible, the action will show the dialog near the cursor position.


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